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Noisy Waves

The field of electroacoustic composition is traditionally male-dominated, because it involves technology and computers (computer music).

Initiated by Maria Pelekanou and the first student of this field in the history of the University of Bremen during the winter semester 2019/20.

Together with outstanding female artists who are attempting to work in this field, a project is being planned to empower women in digital professional fields with a strong technological orientation, in the hope of developing a role model function and laying the foundations for larger projects to follow.

Works of electroacoustic music written by female composers who explore man’s relationship with the sounds of the environment, discovering new sound formations. Some of the works have been shaped by soundscapes that help create an almost physical experience in space. The works will be sounded out by the women composers in the space and presented for the first time as a group under the name Noisy Waves.

LINA POSĖČNAITĖ  and REIKA HATTORI are two key members of the team while VERENA HENTSCHEL on the first concert and MONIQUE JEAN on the second one were guests.

Conception and implementation

The project consists of an intensive process of artistic exploration by composers of the younger generation on the urgent issue of the environment. The emphasis is on working in and with nature, culminating in 2 performances of the thematic electroacoustic music works developed.

Most of the programme is taken up by sketching and realisation in several individual steps with professional software.

The sounds were modified to symbolize the changes and the danger for nature.

The completed experimental electroacoustic music works were then programmed by the composers for different speaker arrangements and presented in two concerts at GERHARD MARCKS HAUS and LichtLuftBad.

For these two concerts we would like to thank the following organizations for their support:


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2023 Concerts

15th of September 2023 20.00 in Schaulust Bremen

28th of October 2023 at 20.00 in Kulturwerkstatt Westend Bremen

Τhe main goal is the journey: women from different countries with different (mostly negative) experiences of (sexualized) violence,hierarchies and structural discrimination come together to musically to build bridges and to create artistically complex works that are based on a profound, multi-layered
underlying philosophy.
Experiences of war in particular play a role here, sexual coercion in the workplace in the cultural sector and the difficult path of women in Europe and beyond. All of this should not go unheard and should be brought to the home to the audience through positive art creation. NOISY WAVES thus fulfills a role model role and makes waves.

The Noisy Waves concert took place at Schaulust and in Kulturwerkstatt Westend in harmony with an artistic light installation. It took place at 8 pm with various works by the five composers Lina Bonafini, Reika Hattori, Alla Zagaychevych, Julia Hanadi al Abed and Maria Pelekanou took place. Accompanied the performance was accompanied by a high-quality program booklet, which the content of the musical concept and the works. The audience was not treated frontally, but in the room between the 4 loudspeakers speakers and encouraged to change to change listening position in order to to experience the sound experience in variations.