Music is the acoustic expression of society, an extraordinary production where conflicts and powers, noises and order meet, where terrors and basic consolations, murders and ritual sacrifices mix.

Inspired by Jacques Attali’s book Noises, this work is an appeal to theoretical indiscipline, to be able to listen to music as a means of recognition, a sonic form of knowledge, and to understand, in today’s music and its conflicts with money, the harbinger of future possibilities.

This work was written for the National Theatre of Greece. It performed by the students of the national theatre and premiered in a concert in the summer of 2018.

The choir surrounds the audience singing rhythmic formations inspired by nature. Then they take a position on the stage creating interludes, conversing with the clarinet.

The work is written for choir and clarinet.


Director – Cornelius Selamsis

Chorus of students of the Drama School of the National Theatre

Video made by Babbis Michalopoulos