Odysseus had been sailing the seas for years when Aeolus, the god of the winds, who had watched his adventures from the beginning, took pity on him and wanted to help him. So he enclosed all the strong winds in a sack and released only the tail wind, which was only the tail wind, which blows in the direction of the ship, so that the way back was so that the way back was easy to find. But Odysseus’ companions were curious to see about what was hidden in the sack, so they opened it, and then… Ithaca became a distant dream again.
The play is about Odysseus’ (violin) struggle on the sea against the wind god Aeolus (bassoon), destiny (tape) and the unforeseeable (live the unpredictable (live electronics). A sonic journey between different
sound textures that simultaneously act, interact and transform. A sonic fairy tale.

This work is a composed dynamic system. This project is for 4 artists/musicians. Two instrumentalists: violin and bassoon, one musician at the control of the live electronics and one at the mixing desk. Each of plays a very important role in the piece, either in interaction with the others or with the others or independently of them. Each musician has two microphones and two loudspeakers. The first microphone picks up the natural sound of the the natural sound of the instrument and outputs it, while the second microphone natural sound and outputs the selected effect of the live electronics output.

The positions of the loudspeakers are on the left for the violin and on the right for the bassoon are aligned exactly as we see the musicians on stage. The tape is in stereo and is distributed to the 8 loudspeakers, the balance of which is controlled by the console musician. controlled by the console musician. The live effects of electronics are controlled by the musician who controls the computer in the Ableton Live programme.

Roman Ohem – Violin

Andreas Anthopoulos – Bassoon

Paul Zoder – Mixing Desk Control

Maria Pelekanou – Ableton Live Effects

Featured image by Saad Chaudry